Abstract Submissions Close on 5th March 2023

Abstract Notifications advised late March

Abstract submission themes for the SSA 2023 Conference are listed below in no particular order:

  • Pedology, soil landscape and digital soil mapping underpinning improved land management
  • Advances in macro/microbiology and lessons for improved soil function
  • Soil carbon in a changing climate
  • Building the soil profession in industry, research/education institutions and governments across Australia
  • Contaminated soils – identification and rehabilitation: industry, mines, gas fields, roads and military land
  • Soils – providing an ecosystem service for the broader natural environment such as water quality and biodiversity
  • Effective on farm nutrient and water management
  • Indigenous soil and land management on country
  • Soil and land management across the rangelands
  • Broad acre and horticultural soil research for improved productivity and soil health
  • Soil policy
  • The art of attracting funding for soil projects
  • Regenerative agricultural practices from a soil science perspective.
  • New soil technologies and soil management systems
  • Identification and remediation of soil degradation e.g. erosion, saline and sodic soils, mass movement, fires, flooding, cyclones
  • Soil Data and Dissemination Systems


Soils are one of our most valuable resources in Australia, supporting our food, fibre and water supplies. 

Soil underpins our agricultural production, directly contributing approximately $63 billion AUD per year to Australia’s economy.

The 2023 Soil Science Australia Conference brings soil scientists, industry, researchers, practitioners and government together to further research, innovation and understanding of soils. It is Australia’s leading conference for presenting advances in soil science and attracts experts from across the country and overseas.

In the lead-up to the conference the 11th SSA National Soil Judging Competition will attract emerging soil scientists from across Australia and overseas to test their soil science skills.

Abstract submission Instructions:

  • DO NOT include the presentation title in the abstract. This must be entered only in the online portal.
  • DO NOT include authors and their organisation details in the abstract. This must be entered only in the online portal.
  • Where possible, format abstracts as:
  • Introduction, Methods, Results and Conclusion,
  • Background (problem statement and project aim), Method or Actions, Results, Conclusion, or
  • Situation, Task, Action, Result (STAR)
  • Leave one line between paragraphs
  • Specify all abbreviations in full at the first mention, followed by the abbreviation in parentheses, thereafter abbreviation only should be used
  • Abstracts are limited to 300 words.
  • Abstracts need to be written in English
  • Check abstract thoroughly for spelling and grammar
  • Do not include references
  • When completed, copy, and paste your abstract into the online submission portal
  • Your abstract will appear on the website, online conference portal and app exactly as submitt